BlueSky Organics - Simply Earth Super Soil
Simply Earth™ Super Soil™ is the core of the BlueSky system. It is specially formulated with 18 premium ingredients, to boost the performance of your plants.
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BlueSky Organics - Fert-Alive
Fert-Alive™ is our organic fertilizer, which packs a punch. It locks nutrients in the organic material, allowing delivery of superior nutritional value to the plant and soil.
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BlueSky Organics - Organic Reactor
Our ready to use Organic Reactor™ is a highly beneficial soil amendment which improves soil vitality and overall plant health, as well as promotes superior blooming for all of your flower and fruit producing plants.
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BlueSky Organics - Vit-Alive Tea Blend
Vit-Alive™ increases the nutrient availability of your plants which leads to a strong root system, accelerates bud growth, and maximizes yields. Vit-Alive™ also helps to flush your soil of excess nutrient build up.Learn More About Vit-Alive™
BlueSky Organics - Flower Two
Organic Booster™ Tea Blend is a carbohydrate infused booster that is rich in nutrients which stimulate micro-organisms with a chelating agent, adding a naturally occurring flavour profile.
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BlueSky Organics - Flower Two
Flower Two™ is a nitrogen-free, highly efficient phosphorous and potassium based fertilizer. This water soluble component is responsible for the hardening, density and growth of buds.
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BlueSky Organics - pH Up and pH Down Natural pH Adjusters
pH Up™ and
pH Down™

Our natural pH adjusters are used to balance water pH levels to the ideal range, without compromising beneficial microbes and micro-organisms.Learn More About our pH Adjusters

revolutionizing indoor & outdoor gardening

We’ve created the industry’s best plant nutrients and amendments by using only premium, certified-organic inputs.


It’s natural, it’s easy, it works.

The BlueSky Organics System is the first certified-organic grow system specifically formulated for producing organically-certifiable, high-quality craft cannabis. Our organic product line is made up of specialty grow media, fertilizers and additives used to grow cup winning Cannabis. Providing a trusted brand that is natural, organic, and grown with love.

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It’s natural, it’s easy, it works.

With over 20 years of experience as growers, growing organically has met or exceeded the yields of synthetic methods and the quality, aroma, and flavour are far superior.

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It’s Natural.
It’s Easy.
It Works.

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